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An Experienced Attorney Assisting With ​Traffic Ticket Cases in Dillon

We’ve all had a moment when the thrill of the open road gets the best of our judgment, and it usually happens when the car passes a police officer camped out on the side of the road. Whether you’ve been pulled over for a speeding ticket or other violation, you have options beyond simply accepting the citation and moving on with your day. At The Watson Law Firm in Dillon, we have nearly 30 years of experience as a prosecutor and defender in the South Carolina criminal justice system, which makes us a great choice to stand as your traffic ticket attorney when your court date arrives.

Protect Your Driving Record

When you’re charged with a traffic violation, the consequences of a guilty plea or verdict can be quite severe. Depending on your existing record, you could face penalties like suspension or revocation of your license, which could threaten your livelihood if you need to drive for your job. Even if you get to keep your driving privileges, points on your file are plenty of justification for your insurance company to raise your premium. At your trial, an experienced attorney can call into question the training of the police officer as well as the functionality and calibration of his or her equipment. This can help to create reasonable doubt in the court’s eyes.

Also Serving Marion and Bennettsville

If you’ve been charged with a moving violation in Marion, Bennettsville or Dillon, The Watson Law Firm can stand in front of the judge as your traffic ticket lawyer. You depend on your driving privilege every day of your life, so why not take every advantage at your trial? To schedule a consultation or find out how we can act as your personal injury attorney, call us today at 843-774-5678!